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Project Pathways Showcase

Project Pathways, funded in 2004, is a Targeted project focused on Math, Science, and Engineering for High School grade levels. Here is some featured work.


In The Press

Concepts And Reasoning For Calculus Learning
Professor Marilyn Carlson, from The Pathways Project at Arizona State University, discusses a programme that has proven effective in improving teaching of precalculus concepts, as well as students' chances of…   more >

Papers and Reports
The Role of the Facilitator in Promoting Meaningful Discourse Among Professional Learning Communities of Secondary Mathematics and Science Teachers

This report describes the construct of decentering and its influence on the discourse of a professional learning community (PLC) of...   more >

Papers and Reports
How Old is The Earth? An Exploration of Geologic Time

"Geologic time is fundamental to the study of the Earth and life sciences, but it is an abstract and difficult...   more >

Assessing Mathematics Conceptual Knowledge and Teacher Beliefs in Secondary Mathematics

This session provided an overview of two research-based assessment tools. The first, the Precalculus Concept Assessment (PCA), has been used...   more >

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