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Event: Special STEM Educational Colloquium

Mar 23, 2005
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM Mountain

Lattie Coor Building
Room L1-20
Arizona State University

"Mathematics Education as an Interdisciplinary Science"


Patrick W. Thompson
Professor, Mathematics Education
Vanderbilt University

Alfred North Whitehead opened his 1929 essay on the aims of education with the statement that there is nothing more dangerous than what is commonly taken as a good method of inquiry. His argument was that science subverted to method becomes doctrinaire and ideological. I will take Whitehead's argument as a starting point to discuss ways in which we can understand current trends in national stances on educational research and at the same time understand mathematics education as a scientific field in the larger sense of science as an endeavor to conceptualize phenomena in powerful ways that cohere with observation, experience, and pressing priorities.

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Mar 15, 2005

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